What is the evidence of testosterone supplement for facial hair?

Do you ever know the relation of testosterone and facial hair? Here, we will show you the amazing testosterone supplement for facial hair.

Some men are naturally gifted at growing very thick beards, while other men struggle to add even few hairs to their chin. This is often explained by genetics, without further discussing the reasons. You are genetically prone to producing low amounts of testosterone and DHT. Your body has a hard time utilizing the hormones in the receptor sites. This makes you genetically unable to grow a beard. However, how is the testosterone supplement for facial hair?

Evidence of testosterone and facial hair

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and continuance of secondary sexual characteristics. Low levels of testosterone in males can lead to sexual dysfunction, infertility, loss of body and facial hair and male osteoporosis. Physicians may prescribe topical testosterone creams and gels to supplement the body production of testosterone.

Everyone is born with a genetically predisposed capability for growing facial hair. What determines the speed and density of facial hair on a person are that how activated that capability is by the total lifetime exposure to testosterone. You can rather get an idea of how much-inactivated beard hair you have by carefully feeling the nature of your peach fuzz.

Normal facial hair growth

Normal beard growth is determined by the hormone testosterone secreted by the testes and by genetic disposition. For example, some ethnic groups, such as the American Indian, do not grow facial hair. In addition, no matter what your race, if your grandfather and father had very little facial hair, chances are good that you too will not develop a full beard. The growth of facial hair is triggered during puberty, which for some males may not happen until they are in their mid-20s.

How testosterone and DHT stimulate beard growth

Testosterone and DHT may have independent roles in the control of male facial hair growth, i.e. T for hair follicle priming and DHT for the promotion of linear growth. However, you must surely take the natural supplement or treatment to get the safe usage. This way your body will not shut down its own production (obviously), and the higher hormone levels produced by your own body will still increase your facial hair growth rate.

Best Testosterone supplement

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