Where to get best 5HTP treatment and benefits

Have you ever heard about the 5HTP? Well, the 5HTP treatment is commonly used for releasing anxiety, insomnia, weight, and stress disorder.

When you are feeling bad mood every day, you will need such supplement to reduce it. 5HTP may be the best one to reduce or control your mood changes, including the stress and anxiety. Taking 5HTP supplement can be a good treatment for the body health such as appetite control and depression disorders. Therefore, you must read this article to know exactly the use of this 5HTP.

5HTP: what is it? What is it good for treatment?

5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is an amino acid that your body naturally manufactures. It is not found in food but is created from another amino acid, tryptophan. Tryptophan is found in high-protein animal foods like meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, and eggs. 5HTP supplements are usually produced from Griffonia simplicifolia, a woody African shrub. This plant seeds naturally contain 20% 5HTP.  In the United States, 5HTP is sold as an over-the-counter supplement for a variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, migraines, ADHD, and fibromyalgia.

It is also a popular weight loss aid since it can help reduce appetite. The reason 5HTP is potentially useful for so many different disorders is that, once it is ingested, it gets converted into two important master chemicals such as serotonin and melatonin.

5HTP and depression treatment

Because of serotonin is known benefit in treating depression, 5HTP is thought to play possibly a beneficial role in alleviating the symptoms of depression. The supplement role in treating depression, if any, is still under investigation.


Evidence on the effects of 5HTP for anxiety is unclear. Early research shows that taking 25-150 mg of 5HTP by mouth daily along with carbidopa seems to reduce anxiety symptoms in people with anxiety disorders. However, other early research shows that taking higher doses of 5HTP, 225 mg daily or more, seems to make anxiety worse. Also, taking 60 mg of 5HTP daily through the vein does not reduce anxiety in people with panic disorders.

Appetite suppression

Studies in rats found decreased food intake and loss of weight with the administration of G. simplicifolia extract. A small (N = 20) clinical trial evaluated the effect of the extract on satiety among overweight women. Decreased appetite and a decrease in mean body mass index were demonstrated at 4 weeks.

5HTP for Sleep

5HTP supplements fared a little better for insomnia. 5HTP decreased the time required to get to sleep and decreased the number of nighttime awakenings.

Where to get 5HTP treatment

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Where to get best 5HTP treatment and benefits